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I am a strong proponent of "life of meaning", where one finds contentment in this life by striving towards something that is bigger than oneself. This higher purpose can be anything, for an artist it might be creation of paintings that will be enjoyed by the generations to come, for a teacher it might be educating toddlers to help them achieve their dreams, for a scientist it might be engineering technologies that will impact the way people are living their lives.

I believe that everyone should be in constant search for his/her own purpose as this is not something conceived overnight. It involves a deep look into person's soul and figuring out what drives him/her on a fundamental level. It will get refined and evolved at each turn of events in life. 

Why is this important, because the world is in a desperate state right now. It is no longer sustainable for everyone to seek their own material gain and ignore what is good for other people, for the nature and for the environment. We are facing enormous challenges related to climate change, depletion of natural resources, income inequality, ethnic wars, access to healthcare and many other areas that will have catastrophic consequences if not addressed promptly and effectively.

Nevertheless I am very optimistic and hopeful because of the existence of so many people who have the courage to stand up at times of dire need, for the ones who are too few, too weak, too poor, too afraid, and thus do not possess the power to defend themselves. 

Here are a few speeches by some of those extraordinary individuals. I invite you to listen to them as they are tremendously touching. I am humbly hoping that they will inspire you to seek your own purpose, and do some good for the world in the process!

Angelona Jolie, Hersholt Humanitarian Award
Mark Zuckerberg, Harvard Commencement
Emma Watson, HeForShe Campaign
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